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Fedmont FCU was formed by eight original members working in the old Federal Courthouse in 1960 to serve the employees of federal agencies also working in the courthouse at that time. After meeting strict standards, the National Credit Union Administration issued Charter #14026 to what was then known as Alabama Fedmont FCU. The name was subsequently changed to the less cumbersome Fedmont FCU.

In the 50 years since founding, many of the federal agencies served by Fedmont outgrew their quarters in the courthouse and branched out into other Montgomery locations. However, Fedmont has continued to serve those eligible members and their immediate family members with the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy, and individual attention.

Our membership remains restricted to active and retired Federal Civil Service employees in the Montgomery area (or supervised from Montgomery) and their families but was recently expanded by the NCUA to include active or retired military and workers employed by the U.S. Postal Service in our area.

Over the years, many of our members have been re-assigned to posts outside of the area and even outside of the country. However, once one becomes a member of Fedmont, they and their families may remain members for life. Statistics prove they do just that.

Our ability to serve the members from far and wide has been enhanced through Internet technology and assistance in any form is as close as one’s phone or keyboard. The quality of personal service and concern has not, nor will it change. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’re going to really like it here and only regret not having joined sooner!



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